N.A.P Neapolitan Authentic Pizza

N.A.P Neapolitan Authentic Pizza

The promise of authentic Neapolitan pizza seemed to have every authentic Italian expat in Barcelona queuing outside N.A.P before the doors had even opened. Luckily I’d been warned to get there early even though this was only a Wednesday evening, good advice as the queue never died off all evening.

From the outside N.A.P is very unassuming and you could miss it if you weren’t looking, with its harsh black sign and jumble of standard issue metal tables and chairs, but peer through the window and you’ll see the wood fired oven blazing and enticing pizzas being hauled out of it.

Not one to have usually have starters with a huge pizza coming, I made an exception for my visitors and we started with some simple tomato bruschettas with fresh tomatoes, pungent olive oil and bread from their own oven along with a rich melanzane parmigiana that had smoky aubergine and just oozed Italy. 

Tomato bruschetta
Tomato bruschetta
Melanzane parmigiana

These were everything good pizza should be, thin, slightly sloppy in the middle, flashed with charring from the wood oven, true mozzarella and sweet tomato sauce. With ten varieties to choose from (although ingredients can be combined to your taste) it also doesn’t suffer from menu overload. The ‘Diavola’ was topped with spicy salami, real black olives not the fake, dyed variety and finely sliced red onion.

'Diavola' pizza

Tempted by the very interesting daily special which included artichokes and cherries yet suffering my usual menu indecision, I eventually went for a classic ‘Napoli’ with anchovies, capers, black olives and basil. The sharp saltiness with the sweet tomato is just an absolute divine combination for me.

'Napoli' pizza

Fussy eater, who hasn’t been over for some time is always easily pleased with pizza and chose ‘Margarita’ with a some added mushrooms and onions of her choosing. There were lots of  contented noises of approval which is of course what you want with guests.

'Margarita' pizza with extras
‘Margarita’ with extras

N.A.P has more than earned its reputation as Barcelona’s best quality and excellent value pizzeria. At these prices you could almost eat there daily…. if you can beat others to it that is.

Menu 'anti-crisis'
Menu ‘anti-crisis’

N.A.P Neapolitan Authentic Pizza, C/Gombau 5-7, Born

or C/Baluard 69, Barceloneta

(No reservations, available for take away, Accepts Ticket Restaurant)

**This article was originally posted on my former blog http://moonrakermorsels.wordpress.com/