Appearances can be deceptive. Barcelona may seem like it’s awash with good bakeries, but the sad reality is that truly good ones are very few and far between. Many are churning out pork fat baked croissants with an off-putting sugar glaze or rustic pagés country loaves that look enticing but sliced open reveal their cotton-woolly, overly white interior.

So we must celebrate those that stand out such as the small chain Turris whose shops are scattered around the city with a few a little further afield into Catalonia.

Turris bakery, Gracia, Albion Food and Events, , Claire Gledhill, Barcelona food blog

Turris frown upon photo taking in their shops so you’ll have to make do with a few sneaky ones I took through their window and take my word for it. This is bread that has texture, depth of flavour and makes you salivate as you tuck in.  They also offer spelt loaves and ‘special editions’ with walnuts or vegetables added for example.

Bread display, Turris shop, Gracia, Albion Food and Events, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill

You can taste the butter and quality ingredients in the selection of savoury and sweet pastries such as coca, mini quiches, croissants, palmera biscuits and chocolate napolitanas. The cakes are top notch too, nothing elaborate, just home made style plum loaves, carrot cakes, pear or cheesecakes.

Bread and cakes at Turris Gracia, Albion Food and Events, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill

So I urge you, don’t accept the sub-standard offerings, seek out and indulge in some real bread and baking instead.

Turris, branches around Barcelona, in Sant Cugat, Sabadell and Graonollers. All shops are listed on their website here